Project Headband

creativity-for-kids-fashion-headbands.jpgLaurel recently has gotten into headbands (which is great because her fine hair is prone to flyaways that get stuck in food and art projects), and we've struck out on a couple of attempts to find a flower headband she likes. I was about to jump down the Etsy rabbit hole (or hit the craft store and warm up my glue gun) when we stumbled upon this fashion headbands kit. We originally bought the kit for a friend's birthday, and then Laurel decided to use a birthday gift card for her own kit, and it has been a huge hit.
The kit includes a colorful assortment of 10 satin headbands, plus jewels, flowers, feathers, a butterfly, ribbon, and glue to adorn generously. Laurel happily spent a considerable chunk of this weekend creating her own headbands (while chattering about "the challenge" à la Project Runway) -- a nice thing considering I was single parenting all weekend. She plans on wearing all of the headbands (actually, yesterday she wore two at the same time), so if you've got a headband loving girl at home, this kit is perfect for her. Alternatively, the kit would make for a fun party or play date craft project.