MiniLuxe = Majorly Awesome

miniluxe.jpgToday, Paige shares her raves for MiniLuxe:

“Ever since I moved back to Boston from New York, I have searched for a fabulous nail salon. Not a shmancy spa. Not a hair salon that has a great manicurist on staff. An honest-to-goodness nail shop -- the kind you find every three blocks in Manhattan, where you can walk in when the mood strikes and be guaranteed a fabulously groomed set of ten in 30 minutes for less than $20. But with no luck to date, I have had to deal with my gnarly nails and cuticles, except for the occasional weak moment when I’m willing to fork over $40 for a mani at the local spa.
Two weeks ago, I was introduced to MiniLuxe in Lexington by my mama friend Marianne. Four of us girls were looking for a way to celebrate the holidays together and Marianne booked us mani/pedis at this “nail and beauty lounge” -- the only place she could find that would take all of us at the same time. Oh, and it was a Sunday. At 10 a.m.

When I arrived, I knew it was going to be a good experience. MiniLuxe was clean (all tools are sterilized in an autoclave after each use, and files and buffers go home with you), spacious, and pretty, with a wall of OPI and Essie nail colors organized by color and perfectly labeled (for anyone who has searched for a color by turning over every bottle on the shelf, you know how fabulous this is).

Jump to an hour and fifteen minutes later after my nails (all twenty of ‘em) had been scrubbed, filed, buffed, moisturized, massaged, and lacquered for the grand price of $53, and I was sold. It got even better when seven days later (rather than the usual two), my manicure was just starting to show signs of needing a re-polish.

Between the salon’s commitment to hygiene, easy online booking, frequent service card (buy ten, get one free), amazing mom-friendly hours (open seven days a week, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. most days), and my awesome nail technician Rita, I’ll be visiting MiniLuxe regularly in 2010. Goodbye gnarly nails, hello mini-priced bliss.”

MiniLuxe, 1718 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington; 339-970-2322. Locations also in Newton Centre (792 Beacon Street) and Back Bay (296 Newbury Street).