Mermaid Munchies

mermaid-cookbook.jpgLaurel has been enamored with mermaids ever since spending time at "mermaid cove" with her friend Lucy during our summer vacation in Maine. Barbara Beery’s Mermaid Cookbook - gifted to Laurel by her aunt Stephanie – subsequently has been a big hit. I give this book props for its spiral binding, easy recipes, beautiful photos (accompanying every recipe), and inclusion of “real food” recipes (i.e., those using fruits and veggies, not just sweets). Lovely for mermaid-themed play dates or parties, the book also helps set a mermaid mood any time of day, as we did this weekend, testing out the Swirling Mermaid Smoothies, Treasure Island Trail Mix, Sea Crunch Bagel Crisps, and Triton’s Tuna Fish Sandwiches. Each recipe allowed Laurel to help out in the kitchen, and all of the results were yummy.