Get Thyself to Rosaline's

rosalines-skin-care-spa.jpgEvery time I visit Coolidge Corner I let out a sigh of appreciation for the variety of shops, restaurants, amenities, and T access (even if it is that pokey green line) that truly makes it one of Boston’s ideal car-free neighborhoods. And now I’ve discovered another reason to frequent Coolidge Corner – Rosaline’s Skin Care & Spa. Read on to learn more about Rosaline's services (which include expertise in treating the skin of women of color), and enjoy a special offer for Boston Mamas readers.
So here’s the thing. While certain personal care products may be applied universally (e.g., toothpaste, nail polish), when it comes to skin and hair care, race and ethnicity matter. If you don’t believe me, ask the poor Great Cuts newbie (back during my college days) who wasn't trained on how to handle Asian hair and thus was so terrified about making a mistake with my super straight, thick mane that she literally took almost two hours to do a simple trim. I can't remember what I tipped her, but surely it wasn't enough.

But back to skin care. I recently visited Grenada-born esthetican Rosaline Lowe after learning that her spa not only offers wonderful treatment in general (the gamut of facials – including organic – plus massage, spa therapy treatments, and waxing), but that Rosaline specializes in treating women of color. Because the truth is, there is palpable comfort that comes from being treated by someone who understands (and lives the fact) that diverse skin has diverse needs. Though she looks remarkably young for someone who honed her skills for 5 years on Newbury Street before running her own business for almost 25 years (genetics probably, plus a testament to her craft...), Rosaline brings utter calm, confidence, and skill to her work; I felt completely safe in her hands.

When I booked my appointment, I didn’t ask for a specific treatment; instead asking that Rosaline assess my skin when I got there. Rosaline said my skin actually looked pretty good; a bit dry and a surprising number of freckles for an Asian, but otherwise smooth and generally problem-free. At my request, she first waxed my brows to perfection; creating lovely, flattering, tapered arches that – strangely enough – other estheticans have told me aren’t possible with my facial structure (perhaps this was fear due to inexperience), then proceeded with a basic hydrating facial that was nourishing and literally left me glowing.

If I hadn’t been so curious to talk to Rosaline about her work, I would have fallen asleep it was so relaxing (the neck massage part was particularly awesome). Rosaline is smart, passionate about what she does, and despite her tenure in the business, she's motivated to keep learning about new techniques, skin needs, and products. Rosaline even is willing to share some of her knowledge (learning seminars at her spa are forthcoming) because she wants to help women learn how to take care of themselves and make self care a priority.

Though trust me, you will want to get on her table. And mama, you deserve it.

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AWESOME DEAL! Rosaline kindly is offering a discount to Boston Mamas readers. Simply mention Boston Mamas when you book your appointment to receive a 10% discount on any service. Enjoy!

Rosaline’s Skin Care & Spa, 1426 Beacon Street, Brookline; 617-739-2392