Budget Friendly Baseball in Brockton

brockton-rox.jpgToday, Jennifer recommends the Brockton Rox for a budget and family friendly baseball experience:

“Nothing says summer like America's favorite pastime, and there is unique pleasure in a leisurely afternoon at the ball park. Something about the crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, and a bag of peanuts has brought families together for generations. My husband and I love the history and tradition of baseball, but attending Major League games costs major money, and with four kids -- none of whom are guaranteed to last more than a few innings -- we've been keen to find a budget and family friendly alternative.
The Brockton Rox are a minor league baseball team that plays locally at Campanelli Stadium in Brockton (adjacent to Brockton High School). With ticket prices ranging from $5 to $15 and a clean, accessible stadium, the Rox make families their top priority, with special attention given to making the park experience hassle-free and enjoyable for those with kids in tow.

The size and layout of the ballpark is just right. With about 5000 seats, it's not overwhelming, but still feels like the real deal. The atmosphere is festive, with fireworks at Friday games, an enthusiastic cheer squad, and a kangaroo mascot who trolls the stands high-five’ing little fans. I especially recommend their Sunday Family Fun Days, where kids can play catch on the field before the game and run the bases afterward, the team sticks around for autographs, and free face painting and caricature drawings are offered during the game. An energetic staff entertains between innings, and if your squirmy little ones, like mine, need more than a seventh-inning stretch, you can take them for a bounce on the inflatables in the stadium's "Fun Zone." For those with infants, the stadium also offers the Rox-a-Bye-Baby Suite with a private nursing room and fully-stocked changing area.

My kids had a wonderful time, with all the magic of professional ball wrapped up in a perfectly kid-friendly afternoon. The hometown feel, the loyal, local fan-base, and the family-oriented programming are a recipe for a tradition in the making, and we’re all looking forward to our next ballgame.”