Chocolate Tofu Pie…For Real

silken-tofu.jpgThis past weekend our friend Rhoda introduced us to a dessert that impressively satisfied everyone’s sweet tooth while accommodating her lactose intolerance. Admittedly, though I adore tofu (it’s in the genes), as an avid classic baker I was a tad skeptical about tofu dessert, but this Easy Chocolate Tofu Pie truly surprised me. Essentially a chocolate pudding pie, the filling was smooth, rich, and chocolate-y, and the graham cracker crust offered a classic contrast; I also served strawberries on the side. Even Laurel – who consumed tofu by the handfuls as a toddler but no longer will touch it in cube form – gobbled her serving (even knowing it was tofu based).

This is a great dessert option to offer at parties where dairy allergies are an issue and it was such an impressive reflection of the real thing that I’m tempted to try more tofu desserts for the health benefits.

Image credit: The Cook’s Thesaurus