Childproofing Necessities

kidco-magnet-lock.jpgToday, Heather recommends childproofing products that have kept her triplet tots out of trouble:

“Will, Adie, and Theo turned two in January and while I wouldn’t say that we are in the throes of the terrible twos, I will say that they have given the word busy a whole new meaning. We have found the need to take extra precautions in safeguarding our home. Working together as a team, my three tots often can outdo the efforts of a single child, scaling greater heights, exploring more remote cabinets, and outdoing restraints with greater efficiency! My husband and I joke that we are living in lockdown mode. There are many products available to childproof your home; here are some tried and true recommendations that have worked for us:
Cabinets and drawers: Our 30 nimble little fingers have learned to open the press and pivot latches. We now use magnet locks. They are pricier but we find them more effective. Just be sure to get a spare magnet key in case you lose one. I recommend KidCo’s Adhesive Mount Magnet Locks.

Door knobs: Apparently, nothing is more intriguing to a toddler than a closed door. They not only want to see what’s on the other side but they find much joy in repeatedly opening and closing (or should I say, slamming) a door. Want to keep your child in or out? I recommend Safety 1st’s Grip n' Twist Door Knob Covers. These covers fit over standard doorknobs and are sold in sets. Don't forget to protect your exterior doors as well, to prevent your little ones from escaping outside.

Doors: I live in fear that little fingers will be pinched in a door. We use Safety 1st’s Finger Pinch Guards. The guards are a soft, flexible foam form that provide a cushion between the edge of the door and the frame, preventing the door from closing on small hands.

Outlet covers: Outlets have almost a magnetic attraction for young children. They will attempt to stick everything from their fingers to their toys into the outlet opening. We started with the plastic outlet plugs until my kids found they were able to remove them. We have since replaced all of our standard outlet covers with KidCo’s Universal Outlet Covers. This product covers the entire plate, but still allows use of the outlet. This product works on both Standard and Decora style outlets by automatically covering the outlet when a plug is removed.

Dishwasher: Much to my dismay we even need to lock the dishwasher. I recommend Safety 1st’s Ultra Multi-purpose Appliance Latch. It is very easy to install and use.

Refrigerator: Safety 1st's Lock Release Fridge Latch is a great lock! I have tried several and this one is very easy to use. I can open it with one hand and even my 5-year-old can open it when she needs to (a good thing!).

Stove/Oven: I recommend Safety 1st's Stove Knob Covers to prohibit children from turning on the stove. The hinged lid allows parents convenient access to stove knobs, without removing the product. And don’t forget about the oven door. My kids sure don’t. We use Safety 1st's Oven Front Lock to keep this door shut.

Crib: My first child never even once tried to climb out of her crib. In contrast, each triplet had the art of climbing out of their crib mastered before they were even two years old. It was clear that we weren’t ready for big kid beds so we opted for crib tents, which did wonders for our sleep! I recommend the Crib Tent II with Inside Surround Net, which not only prevents the child from climbing out of the crib but helps prevent crib rung-related injuries. It is easy to assemble and collapses easily for travel.

Furniture: Finally, furniture wall straps are must haves if you have climbers in the house.”