calafant-palace.jpgCrafts and toys typically occupy separate real estate in stores and playrooms, but CALAFANT cleverly has figured out how to merge the two, offering kids a wonderful vehicle for creativity and play, and parents more bang for their buck. CALAFANT’s cool line of recyclable cardboard toy kits are available in affordable small, medium, and large sizes (plus a giant crawl-able castle). The kits are fun for grownups to pop together (no tools or adhesive required), and offer a blank canvas on which kids can paint, color, collage, and bling to their heart’s desire. Laurel loved decorating the CALAFANT palace (glitter glue was her favored medium) and the palace can serve both as a pretty display of her artistic style and a happy home for her Playmobil and Polly Pocket figures.
The folks at Creative Toy Shop kindly are offering 15% off CALAFANT products; use coupon code BOSTON during check-out.