Safer Nail Colors

suncoat-polish.jpgToday, Kate offers a recommendation for safer (non-stinky!) nail polish:

“I've never been a big makeup person - and certainly never wore the stuff as a tween or adolescent - but I've always enjoyed painting my nails. And though I rarely have the time or extra money for a mani-pedi any more, I was reminded of the fun of colorful fingers by my toddler daughter's recent request for me to paint her nails.
One of my daughter’s best preschool friends has come to school with bright pink fingers, and my moments of hesitation - was she too young? would this lead to requests for tattoos? - quickly passed with the thought that this would be a fun activity. But how to find a nail polish that didn't smell like a chemical plant and leave one feeling slightly woozy? Suncoat Products has just the solution. A Canadian cosmetics company that offers a range of chemical-free or chemical-light beauty products, Suncoat sells 33 colors of water-based nail polish that truly work, look good, and don't stink up the room. I picked Cotton Candy - a light, shimmery pink - for my little one, but Suncoat offers colors like purples and golds that will appeal to older and more sophisticated tastes. For when you next want pretty nails without the chemical smell, check out Suncoat.”