Mad About Mosaics

stickymosaics.bmpWe do lots of arts and crafts at our house, but every now and then I discover a magical item that positively consumes Laurel, be it at home, while waiting at a restaurant, or during travel. The Orb Factory’s sticky mosaic kits currently are Laurel’s project of choice; she's so instantly, happily, and independently engrossed in these kits that they even allow me some time to catch up on work or household matters nearby.
These kits include 4-5 boards with an illustrated picture covered with numbered squares. Kids follow the color/number chart and stick little colored foam squares to the appropriate numbers. The boards also come with adhesive hangers so you can use them for wall art; we have several boards up around the house and Laurel also has given completed boards as gifts to relatives and friends. (Quite frankly, I'm impressed she managed to part with them.)

Laurel clearly loves the bling, showing a firm preference for the kits that include metallic squares and adhesive jewels. Her first kit was the enchanted forest and she’s currently utterly in love with the jewels kit. Other kits that no doubt would strike her fancy include the ballerina, princess, unicorn and pony, and mermaid kits.

For boys - or girls less attuned to sparkly matter - kits also are available in fun dinosaur, dragon, fish, and jungle themes.