BlogHer Chicago!

I'm Going to BlogHer '09BlogHer Boston was such an amazingly fun ride that there was no question that I wanted to get myself to the big BlogHer meeting this summer. And I’m so very grateful and thrilled to announce that the Boston-based PR firm 360 Public Relations is sponsoring my trip to Chicago. Thank you, 360PR! Read on to learn more about 360PR and a cool (paid!) opportunity they offer for moms across the country.

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I get pitched by a lot of companies and PR firms - sometimes in ways that unfortunately range from aggravating to utterly insulting. In contrast, 360PR is one of those firms that truly gives the PR industry a good name. They don’t just try to represent everyone for the sake of scrabbling for dollars (meaning, they have a portfolio of clients that makes sense and shows key interests, e.g., organics, parenting, playtime), they have a talented and passionate staff, and they really “get” the ever-evolving media space and the importance of moms in that space. To that effect, 360PR’s sponsorship is on behalf of their 360PR MomSquad™. If you’re a mom looking for some paid side work, check out the information below:

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“360 Public Relations is seeking moms with marketing, social media or journalism expertise to join the 360PR MomSquad™. The 360PR MomSquad is a network of influencer moms across the country who provide input on new products and services for parents and how best to reach parents. Members also contribute articles to the 360PR MomSquad Trendletter, trend spotting and identifying partnership, product seeding, social media and other opportunities for 360PR clients. Commitment is generally a few hours a month (paid). If interested, send a brief introductory email to Laura Tomasetti,, or DM Laura at Twitter/Laura360.”