Made by Me

madebyme.jpgToday, Kate shares a local lead for easy and colorful crafting:

“I've never been very good with crafts. Art class in school? I was the one who liked the hard-to-mess-up projects that didn't require much independent creativity. Projects with my daughter? I like to keep it simple and let her show me the way, since my own ideas are so limited. Which is why I was so pleased to discover Made by Me in the Porter Square neighborhood of Cambridge.
A pretty and peaceful storefront, Made by Me stocks many different shapes and types of unglazed pottery - everything from vases to plates to tiny cows to clocks - and then encourages customers to unleash their creativity (whatever it may be) with a wide range of glazes and stamps and stencils. I took my daughter there on a cold Saturday afternoon, thinking it would be a fun way to pass a little time together. In the end, we wound up painting two mini-teapots, a plate, a Santa figurine (in wild, non-traditional holiday colors) and a small bowl. It was lots of fun, and just right for those of us who are intimidated by beginning a project from scratch but appreciate the relaxation and inspiration that comes from creating something pretty with a little guidance.

Made by Me charges both by the half-hour and by the piece, and everything can be picked up - fired into vivid colors - a week after it is painted. For budding artists, Made by Me even hosts birthday parties.”

Made by Me, 1685 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge; Tel: 617-354-8111

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