Wild About Weaving

alex-fashion-loom.jpgGiven Laurel’s insatiable appetite for art projects, it’s always fun to discover a new craft that captivates her. And currently, it’s weaving -- an activity inspired by a transfixing spin on a full sized loom at a downtown art festival this past summer. We recently bought Laurel the Alex Fashion Weaving Loom (you also can opt up a notch in size with the Alex Giant Weaving Loom), and though the packaging is marked for 7+ Laurel has no problem weaving once I set up the main (warp) threads. The kit comes with fantastically soft rainbow yarn plus some fun fringed yarn and this activity has engaged Laurel for impressively long stretches of time; she's super proud of the scarf she just finished. I just wish Alex sold more of the rainbow yarn separately, because Laurel’s itching to make a coordinating purse.