Kiss My Face

m-lekkakos.jpgToday, Kristin shares a review of the M. Lekkakos Spa in Wenham:

“When I lived in LA, I found that what most people consider life’s little luxuries back East were a necessity out West. For example, I always managed to find time for mani/pedis, I bought expensive sunglasses because they were not just a fashion accessory but mandatory eye protection (that I wore every day without fail), and with all the smog, I always found the time and money for regular facials. Facials are my favorite thing, but as a working mother of two boys, I find it near impossible to get them done these days. Plus, finding a good aesthetician is no small task.
I’ve experienced dozens of facials over my lifetime, and I have to say that hands down, M. Lekkakos Spa, located on the North Shore in Wenham, is the BEST OF THE BEST, in my book.

When I first arrived at the spa, after a 35-minute drive from my home in Arlington, I was taken aback by how discrete it was. Housed in what I can only describe as a small cottage, I entered the spa and was greeted by a very attractive and friendly receptionist. Throughout the spa there were a variety of skin care and makeup lines that I had never heard of but was eager to try. I made myself comfy in their waiting area and was soon greeted by owner and master aesthetician, Maria Lekkakos. The first thing I noticed about her was that she was not only beautiful, but completely organic in appearance. No heavy makeup, and her skin was glowing and radiant. Obviously, this was someone I wanted handling my face! Maria was full of energy and made me feel at ease immediately. She led me back to her room, where I was instructed to wrap myself in a warm towel, lay face up on the table, and get comfy under the blankets (which smelled great…don’t ask me why, but I notice those things). When Maria returned, she got straight to work giving me an ultrasound facial.

Maria’s ultrasound facial is her own creation. She explained that it is the perfectly balanced treatment for dehydrated, mature (crap, I’m in that category now?), eczema, rosacea, and acne prone skin. The facial lasted 90 minutes and in that time, I was massaged, cleansed, extracted, masked, steamed, and moisturized.

I think what I liked most about Maria’s approach was that she was not dedicated to just one line of products. She mixed two different lines of skin care: Thalgo (a line based out of Australia) and Sundari (a collection co-created by model Christy Turlington; I had heard a lot about this line but had yet to try it). These skin care lines are organic, bear minimal fragrance, and offer maximum results. My skin actually felt and looked plumped up from all the moisture contained in these products. I literally was glowing when I left, and that has never happened to me before. I actually refused to put any makeup on my face for two days afterward in order to maintain the feeling she gave me. Maria also was generous enough to give me some samples of the products she used so I could keep it up for a few days. I did breakout a bit a few days after, but to me, that’s a sign of a great facial because your skin is purging itself.

The spa prices at M. Lekkakos are comparable, if not a bit less, to what you would pay for a spa in downtown Boston. Winner of Best of Boston (2007) and Best of North Shore (2008, 2009), Maria is in demand; so much so that even celebrities who come into town for film shoots seek her out. Needless to say, she’s a busy woman, so book ahead. The spa offers everything from waxing and massage, to full hair care, makeup applications, nail care, and body care. My suggestion is to find the time, have your partner take care of the kids or arrange a sitter, and make the trip. The experience and results are absolutely worth it...and you deserve it!”

M. Lekkakos Spa | Salon | Boutique at 154 Main Street, Wenham; 978-468-9540