Clay Dreams

clay-dreams.jpgA couple of downpouring weekends ago, Laurel and I visited Clay Dreams, a pottery painting studio in Arlington. Simply pick from a range of functional (e.g., dinnerware) and decorative (e.g., pumpkins) pottery options, choose your paint colors, and create. At first, the cost ($5 fee + Laurel chose a $12 large plate and $8 mug) seemed a tad steep for an hour of entertainment but Laurel absolutely adored the experience. (And really, could I spin those pieces and fire them up myself for $25?) And she wasn’t the only one; in addition to various kid/adult pairings, one table was exclusively grownups.
While the experience itself was fun and relaxing, I was particularly won over when we picked up Laurel's pieces. On application the paints look rather pale and unremarkable, but they turn utterly vibrant once glazed and fired. I'm also intrigued to learn how to create some of their professional looking finishes, such as those shown in this image. (Our almost 10-year-old wedding dishes are all chipped up and could stand replacement.)

We're so going back to create holiday gifts for the grandparents. And since Laurel kept the plate and gifted the mug to Jon, I'm really hoping she makes me a piece next time too.

Clay Dreams, 183 Mass. Ave., Arlington; 781-641-3000