Stella & Sam

stella.jpgToday, Evadne shares her family's love for the Stella & Sam sibling book series:

“I spend a lot of time reading with my children (ages 4 and almost 2 years) and so have a special appreciation for books that are well written and beautifully illustrated. One of our favorite series follows the adventures of a fiery little redhead named Stella, and her more cerebral younger brother, Sam.
Together, Stella and Sam explore the wonders in the world that surround them - the forest, the sea, the sky, the snow. In each story, carefree Stella exuberantly leads the charge while Sam cautiously hangs back to contemplate and question. When Sam experiences his first snowfall in Stella, Queen of the Snow, for example, he asks, "Can you eat a snowflake?" As the older and wiser sibling, Stella naturally knows all and confidently answers, "Polar bears do - they eat snowflakes for breakfast." Their exchanges make perfect sense to the young and make for delightful reading for the young at heart.

I also love that Stella's responses to Sam always serve to reassure and encourage him to join her in the experience - and, in the end, he always does. Illustrated in stunning watercolors by Canadian-born author Marie-Louise Gay, these books truly celebrate the innocence of childhood and sweetness of sibling relationship.”