Love and Marriage

pem_weddedbliss.bmpAlmost as if she knew that my 4 year old already is discussing wedding plans with her pals, today, Kate reports on the Peabody Essex Museum’s exhibit, Wedded Bliss: The Marriage of Art and Ceremony, which wraps this weekend north of the city:

“That weddings are attended by symbols and ceremonies – rings, flowers, special clothing – is almost as universal as love itself, but the specifics of the big day are determined by place, period, and culture. This weekend, the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem will wrap up Wedded Bliss: The Marriage of Art and Ceremony, a thoughtful and thought-provoking look at the ways in which the rituals of the wedding day both define and are defined by social understandings of love, family, gender, personhood, and commitment.

Featuring a wide variety of media – including painting, sculpture, and video – the exhibit is great for anyone, young or old, who has ever planned, participated in, or dreamt about a wedding. And for those of us who still feel a thrill at seeing the beauty of a bride on her wedding day, the exhibit also provides a good old-fashioned dose of sumptuous dresses, jewelry, and fairytale cakes. Visit the Peabody Essex – one of the great small museums of greater Boston – and walk down the aisle again through history, art, and culture.”

Peabody Essex Museum, 161 Essex Street, Salem; Tel: 978-745-9500

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