Yummy Cake Roll

cakeroll.jpgThis weekend I hosted my mom’s birthday party, and since Koreans tend to make a hearty meal spread then opt for fruit or lighter desserts following, I made this Strawberry Cake Roll for the birthday cake. I clipped this recipe from Real Simple several years ago and have made it many times since; it's Jon’s favorite cake, and everyone at the party went berserk over it.

This cake is airy light in construction (but not necessarily calories, given the whipped cream…) and is easy to make if you use a standing mixer (otherwise beating the egg whites to peak and making the whipped cream is tedious with a hand mixer). Since we had a gathering of 19, I actually made two of these cake rolls and they were devoured in entirety. One of my sisters brought a giant fruit salad, and it was nice to add extra berries to the dessert too.

Baking notes: If you have a Silpat mat, you can use that in place of parchment paper. Also, I recommend checking the cake at 10 minutes, which was sufficient baking time in my oven. You want the edges to be done but not too crispy; otherwise the cake may crack and break when you roll it in the dishtowel.

Image credit: Real Simple