Hippotherapy at Greenlock

greenlock.jpgToday, Suz reports on a local spot for therapeutic horse riding:

“When Evan was born with Down syndrome, I did not appreciate the amazing experiences his therapies would bring to our family. Among them is the pleasure we have experienced in taking him to Greenlock Therapeutic Riding Center in Rehoboth for hippotherapy.

Hippotherapy allows Evan to ride horses and work on his core strength, muscle tone, and coordination in efforts to develop his physical ability to walk. (It is a lot of hard work to ride a horse!) The added bonus is that with the wonderful staff of physical therapists and volunteers, plus the beautiful horses, Evan gets to have a whole lot of fun too. Greenlock is nestled amidst a breathtaking setting, and lessons go on rain or shine.

Parents can check with their Early Intervention Center or The Genesis Fund for assistance with the cost associated with hippotherapy at Greenlock. We are glad we have found this experience, and that the horses are such great therapeutic partners.”