Fabulous Photo Shoot

chalmers.jpgI feel blessed to know many artistic souls, and last week I had the fabulous opportunity to work with Kristin Chalmers on professional headshots. Kristin is a creative tour de force via her photography business, her role as the host, coordinator, and producer of Baby Loves Disco Boston, and, given her passion for helping new moms, I recently convinced her that she has time to write for this site (debut forthcoming). But let me get back to her photography prowess, because she rocked.

As a mother of two, these days Kristin is particularly attuned to photographing children and families; everything from pregnancy photos to newborns to high school portraits that actually look cool. She also shoots weddings, and for business or other personal needs (such as the headshots I needed), and in the past has shot everything from rappers to restaurants.

I’m typically completely comfortable in front of a camera, but I have to admit that given the fact that lately I’ve been feeling rather tired in face and body, I started to fret a little as I readied myself for the shoot. I stared at my skin (regretting every single minute I used to suntan in high school and college), and wondered whether I should have attempted a home teeth-whitening kit the night before.

But luckily, Kristin’s demeanor and talent quickly helped me forget those concerns. She’s fun, lighthearted yet professional, never condescending, and - particularly good for families - she shoots up a storm while working quickly, chatting to keep the subject(s) engaged and at ease between shots, and offering positioning corrections in a relaxed way. She also stopped periodically to show me shots on her camera, as well as edits to improve various shots. The results were so fabulous and the shoot so fun, I could have had her snap away all day.

We shot in a variety of ways - out at a park, in a café, with and without glasses, and while I haven’t seen the whole series, I’m already having trouble deciding between the preliminary favorites she has sent. But truly, it’s an embarrassment of riches to have to decide between shots where she has transformed a tired mama into one who looks alternately hot, young, hip, stylish, fully rested, etc.

Kristin shoots on location digitally (although she’ll shoot with film for traditionalists) – and she uses a local photography lab so it’s easy to get prints without dealing with exorbitant shipping costs. Definitely contact Kristin the next time you or your family want a photo pro who will put you at ease and make you look fabulous.