Playtex Embrace

playtex.jpgDuring a recent interview with’s breastfeeding expert Melissa Nagin, I was excited to learn about the Playtex Embrace Double Pump - a hospital grade breast pump that retails around $170 (a relative bargain in the pump domain). Playtex was kind enough to provide the Embrace to our pregnancy and postpartum expert Carole Arsenault of Newborn Nurses for evaluation. Read on for Carole’s thoughts on the pump:

“The Playtex Embrace Double Pump is a good option for working moms in that it is very lightweight, and is easy to assemble, take apart, and clean. The drop-in liners are fantastic and make cleaning that much quicker. There also is less chance of contamination and spilling with this system. The carry bag is stylish and easy to organize.

The moms who tested the Playtex Embrace pump with me stated that the shields are more comfortable than the pumps they were used to. The soft shields press on the areola, which is very similar to how a baby nurses. This construction is beneficial because stimulation of the areola, not just the nipple, will help keep milk supply up.

In regards to the actual pumping output, both moms reported a decrease in the power of suction with the Playtex pump, even when set at the highest level. Instead of taking 10 minutes to pump 2 ounces (the approximate output with their current pumps) it took between 15 - 20 minutes. Also of note is that the pump is louder than the Medela pumps. This could be a concern for moms who are trying to pump discreetly at work.

For the price of $170 for the entire Playtex Embrace pump kit, this system is a good value.”

Editor’s Note: Playtex currently is giving away free samples of their Drop-Ins Original Nurser System. Click here to sign up for a free sample.