Harness Buddies

harnessbuddy.jpgToday, Heather offers a cute and practical toddler safety option:

"When it comes to safety, we know all too well that toddlers do not always do as they are told. As parents and caregivers, it’s our responsibility to keep them safe while also encouraging exercise and teaching independence. It’s tricky to negotiate this balance with one busy toddler, and not surprisingly, even more so with my triplet toddlers.

Obviously, when we’re out for a walk, strollers are the best option to keep my adventurous trio confined and safe. But another option I have invested in is a safety harness. Yes, I confess to initially feeling uneasy at the thought of 'leashing' my children. But I have quickly come to feel that they are a terrific option when looking to provide both safety and freedom. I braced myself for judgmental stares and unsolicited snarky comments, but have been pleasantly surprised to receive compliments about how cute the harnesses are, and questions about where we purchased them.

I recommend the Eddie Bauer Harness Buddy - available in Monkey, Dog, or Bear. They are machine washable and work as both a harness and a backpack. The removable tail functions as the tether. My three toddlers love their plush animal backpacks. And I love that they provide safety, are machine washable, and are easy to buckle on and off.

Babies R Us also has harness options, including: the Safety 1st Child Harness, Safe Fit Grow With Me Backpack with Harness, and Safe Fit Grow With Me Purse with Harness."