Somerville Gems

bluecloud.jpgToday, Sharon offers a fabulous local find for all things shiny and beautiful, plus a couple of suggestions for fueling and refueling, before and after your shopping adventure:

“Sometimes I feel like a raccoon; I instantly gravitate towards things shiny and colorful. And during some recent adventures through Somerville, I was happy to rediscover Blue Cloud Gallery.
Housing wears from local artisans, this gallery is replete with cool gifts for friends and family. Whether your style is preppy, folksy, new age-y, or just plain vavoom, there is something to fit everyone’s style. Particularly alluring is their jewelry cabinet filled with beautiful polished stone bracelets, silver and copper lariat necklaces, and incredibly refined pieces as well. Other favorites include gorgeous stained glass and blown glass pieces, and colorful pottery and pressed stationary.

My suggestion for your next lazy day morning outing: hit Soundbites for breakfast, cross the street and visit Blue Cloud Gallery, then grab a paper and head next door to True Grounds to refuel.”