Designer Inspired

baghaus.jpgWhile generally I believe in investing in key wardrobe pieces, one area that challenges me is bags. I love having a variety of styles to go with different outfits, and I just can’t stomach the idea of picking a single bag to drop a fortune on. And then when one of Laurel’s milk cups exploded inside the one designer tote I do own (a gift from a very generous friend…), I decided to look for alternatives.
When I initially discovered Baghaus I had dubious visions of the Sex and the City fake Fendi episode running through my head, but they truly offer a great solution for women who love chic, trendy bags but aren’t privy to a celebrity budget. Baghaus features “designer inspired” handbags in an impressive range of styles and sizes, including large bags (like the Primo Limited Costa Bag; shown) that could serve as a diaper bag alternative.

I’ve received tons of compliments on my (inspired by Fendi) Spy Bag from Baghaus, including one of my fashionista girlfriends taking one look at my arm and saying, “Wait – you didn’t! Show me that Spy Bag!” And I’m really impressed by the quality and feel of the bag (which was a mere $40 and is now on sale for even less). But best of all, I love being able to tote stylishly while not worrying about the inevitable milk and snack spills that will make their way inside my bag.