Pint-Sized Skates

bobskates.jpgToday, Kate reports on a clever way for kids to learn to skate, in the comfort of their own shoes:

“I grew up ice skating at the Metropolitan District Commission rink in Brighton, and I can still remember the clamor of the lobby/changing area, the sense of unlimited possibility found by stepping gingerly onto the ice, and the taste of the watery hot chocolate (mini-marshmallows and all) sold at the snack bar.

I started skating when I was about six and I've skated off and on for my whole life, but the honest truth is that I'll never be particularly good at it. I enjoy it until I start to feel the cold, and the movement and sensations come back quickly each time I lace up my skates, but I don't have the fundamental confidence I need to be both fast and skilled without simply being reckless. When I realized that my daughter - who, at the age of two, has more natural athleticism than I'll ever have - could be old enough to take a few turns on the ice this winter, it occurred to me that it could be a fun chance to share a new experience with her while also reconnecting with an old love of mine.

Finding skates small enough for her toddler feet turned out to be more of a challenge, however. After quite a bit of searching and researching, I discovered double-bladed, strap-on, adjustable Bob Skates, designed to fit and grow with tiny feet. They attach to boots or shoes and provide enough stability and sense of balance that first-time skaters - even pint-sized ones - can enjoy their time on the ice without spending too much time dusting themselves off. They're also affordable and lightweight, and have an old-school, Hans Brinker-like charm that comes from the steel blades and leather straps. Pull out the snow pants, warm up the cocoa, and take your little ones out to feel the joy of flying that is ice skating.”

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