Glass Treasures

lalo.bmpToday, Kate reports on a local purveyor of glass treasures:

“With the holidays long gone and as the grey of winter persists, finding ways to keep shine and brightness in life becomes all the more important. Colorful accessories can add sparkle and happiness, and a small store in the Back Bay offers a beautiful selection of vibrant glass jewelry - rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair ornaments - that is both fun and elegant without being overly expensive. Lalo Treasures is a treat for the eyes: the cozy store is bright, welcoming, and colorful. Not to mention that Lalo's blend of materials makes for unusually durable jewelry (customers are encouraged to try on anything they want), making it terrific for moms with babes equally drawn to pretty baubles.”

Lalo Treasures, 255 Newbury Street, Boston; Tel: 617.437.6666