Where Old is New

fridabee.jpgToday, Kate reports on local kid's resale shop Frida Bee:

“Everyone knows that new parents are showered with baby clothes - onesies, booties, pajamas, playsuits - all adorable, many inappropriate to the season, all quickly grown out of. Everyone also knows that the gifts dry up as the baby becomes a toddler, but that the need for new clothing and shoes continues unabated as your little one grows like a beanstalk.

For several years, I've been a big fan of resale clothing, especially as resale stores have lost the musty smell and yard sale patina that used to cling to them. Particularly for children's clothes, resale stores offer a great alternative to paying high prices for clothes that may only see a season of use. Frida Bee in Cambridge's Inman Square offers a small but good selection of clothing, shoes, toys, and books for babies, toddlers, and kids, providing parents who like to shop with a stylish and budget-conscious option to the mainstream kids' stores. Their prices - always low - decline as an item goes unsold, offering great bargains on both major labels and quirky designers.

Frida Bee is also a good way to unload the cartons of old kids' clothes that you probably have in the backs of your closets and tucked under the staircase, as they buy clothing outright - no consignment - to add to their inventory. Check out Frida Bee, and no longer feel guilty about loving to shop for your favorite fashionista.”

Frida Bee, 1297 Cambridge Street, Cambridge; Tel: 617-661-1967

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