Museum by the Sea

childrensmuseum.bmpToday, Kate reports on the Children's Museum of Maine:

“Most of us Bostonians have been to the big museums - the Boston Children's Museum, the Museum of Science, the Museum of Fine Arts - but New England is home to many smaller museums that have charms particular to their size and location.

The Children's Museum of Maine, located in Portland, is one such place. Made up of two manageably sized floors and a number of fun and interactive exhibits - some specific to the history, culture, and geography of Maine - the Children's Museum provides kids with a fun and educational experience in an environment that isn't nearly as overwhelming or crowded as the big museums can sometimes be.

My toddler daughter spent a happy hour in the first-floor exhibit that combined a play supermarket, auto mechanic, and fire truck, and she was joined by kids of a variety of ages all making their own activities with the hands-on displays. The Children's Museum - which is within a few blocks of a number of kid-friendly restaurants - is a great place for a rainy vacation day, and is also well worth the drive up from Boston. Members of the Boston Children's Museum are admitted for free.”

Children's Museum of Maine, 142 Free Street, Portland, Maine; Tel: 207-828-1234

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