Backyard in the City

hillhouse.jpgToday, Kate shares a great lead for city dwellers without a backyard:

“For those of us raising children in the city, opportunities for old-fashioned run-around and recreation time can require a bit more planning than for those in the suburbs or country. My neighborhood has several nice playgrounds and small parks, but I have no backyard and no place to store equipment or allow my daughter to race around without my supervision. For those looking to provide their kids with chances to bounce and run in the heart of the city, Boston is fortunate to have Hill House, an organization devoted entirely to recreation of all types for little ones.

Located in a historic fire station in the heart of Beacon Hill, Hill House offers a wide range of programs - from art to gymnastics to foreign languages - for babies through pre-teens. Outdoor programs are held on the Boston Common and along the Charles River. Sessions are held during the week and on Saturdays, and are complemented by occasional special events and one-off activities. Relying largely on the support of volunteers and donations, Hill House is an important part of the Beacon Hill community and is open to residents of all areas. Check out their offerings and see if your favorite athlete or artist can find a happy home in the heart of the city.”

Hill House, 127 Mt. Vernon Street, Boston; Tel: 617-227-5838