Life in a Puzzle

crocodilecreek.jpgToday, Kate shares a puzzle pick:

“Our 2-year-old daughter is beginning to understand and enjoy puzzles, but I've had a hard time finding ones that are appropriate to her age and interests. Many have pieces that are too small and chokeable, others are too sophisticated for tiny fingers, and still others have strange and flashy features or sounds. For these reasons, we appreciate the Crocodile Creek Natural World ABC floor puzzle; this puzzle is made with large pieces that are easy for small hands to manipulate (even though the puzzle is labeled for ages 3-6), the illustrations are colorful and charming, and the images - of animals, fruit, and the earth - are child-friendly and easily recognizable. A hit with both adults and kids, this puzzle is lovely for anyone who enjoys puzzles and wants to share them with a little one.”