The Little Pot That Could


I don’t know about you, but I have been sneezing up a storm amidst the changing of the seasonal guard. Luckily, today Sharon shares an effective and natural over-the-counter remedy that has helped knock out her seasonal allergies:
“As fall is upon us, among the host of changes that occur is the seasonal shift of allergens in the air. While the Western method of taking a pill for what ails you has its place, much can be gained from the wisdom of our predecessors. Ayurveda, a 5000 year old Indian philosophy based upon the knowledge of life processes, focuses on the concept of being able to work in conjunction with your body to heal what ails you through nutrition, herbal supplementation, and exercise.

This summer brought about a balancing of nutrition, exercise, and the discovery of a nifty tool called the Neti Pot. This little pot - which looks like a small watering jug - has a small nozzle that - when put to your nostril - filters your sinuses with warm salty water to flush out all of the toxins that have been inhaled. This method is done through both nostrils followed by a gentle nose-blowing to finish. While the act of doing this may seem weird to some, I will say that I’ve had some pretty amazing results. After years of suffering from summer allergies and nearly having to buy stock in Benadryl, I was introduced to the Neti Pot early this spring. With consistent use of the Neti Pot, as well as keeping active and eating decently, I have not had any allergies since starting use, and other friends and family have reported similar success. Even Oprah’s been touting the goodness of the Neti Pot. These pots and the salt used in them can be found at Whole Foods, at many natural food stores, as well as online.”

Editor's Note: Neti-Pot and salt sets are available with white or blue pots. You also can opt for an extended kit including the pot, salt, and nasal wash.

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