Baby Wearing With Beco


Laurel and I loved baby wearing, but we stalled out once she outgrew little pouches, bigger slings, and the Bjorn. We bought a baby backpack, but Laurel was heavy and I just couldn’t get the pack to sit comfortably and distribute the weight properly. If only I had known about Beco at the time.

Designed by sailor, rock climber, and baby wearer Gabby Caperon, Beco baby carriers are compact, ergonomically designed, washable, fabulously stylish, handmade in a fair trade facility, and workable in 5 carry positions (cradle, front, hip seat, hip carry, back). We absolutely love this carrier, and one of our mamas shares her extensive Beco experience today:
“If you are a mama then you remember those days when you were pregnant and everyone told you how having a baby wouldn't be anything like what you imagined. I remember hearing that a lot and thinking to myself, "I totally know what I am in for." But the annoying thing is that everyone was right, I had no idea. One thing I certainly did not understand was how much my little one would want to carried. I put hours and hours of research into what stroller we should get. Then our boy was born and guess what, he hated strollers. I also spent some time researching baby carriers like the famous Baby Bjorn but I was concerned about protecting my back due to a history of back injuries. We used a wrap initially, but as my baby boy grew exponentially in that first year and yet continued to love being worn, I knew I needed a carrier that would accommodate his weight, my history of back injury, and an active lifestyle (including cleaning horse stalls with him on my back almost every morning), and my research led me to the world of "soft structured carriers." In this class of baby carriers you will find carriers with structured padded waistbands and arm straps - designed to mimic the action of a hiking backpack. Unlike the frame backpack carriers though, soft carriers use lightweight fabrics and have your baby right up against your body. The closer baby is to your center of gravity the easier it is to wear them for extended periods of time.

My research led me to the Beco carrier, a mama's dream come true. The waistband distributes a large chunk of your baby's weight to your waist for really easy, comfortable, almost weightless carrying, and unlike some of the more traditional carriers, the Beco does not involve lengths of fabric you must expertly learn how to tie. If you know how to clip a plastic buckle together you are all set. You can use it in several carry positions and the Beco comes in some seriously beautiful fabrics. I will say this: If I was stranded on a desert island with my baby and I only got to pick one product to have with me, it would be my Beco -- or should I say Beco's, because how could a girl possibly choose just one?”

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