A Pod for Your Pea


We are long overdue in upgrading Laurel’s travel bedding (the poor girl still tolerates sleeping on a diagonal in the Pack n’ Play), and this weekend, while roughing it in the woods with friends, I was reminded of a fabulous travel sleeping/play pod for kids.
Our friends Andrew and Nooshi are huge fans of the PeaPod Plus, which they have used for their son in hotels, at grandma’s house, and in the woods. This travel bed/tent rocks for multiple reasons: it can be used from birth to up to 6 years of age, folds down compactly and weighs just 9 lbs, offers UV Protection, insect netting, and adjustable wind screens to accommodate various outdoor settings, and includes an inflatable mattress, portable hand pump, and sleeping bag. Another benefit that our pals reported is that the tent is especially handy if you are traveling and only have one room; because the tent blocks light you can at least have a dim light on so you don't have to sit in the dark when your kid goes to bed at 8pm. Andrew and Nooshi's son loves having his own little sleeping nook when the family hits the road.

I still think the Pack n’ Play is a great piece of gear for little ones who need a firmly enclosed space for sleeping or play at home or on the road, but the PeaPod Plus is a terrific find for traveling families. It’s available in red/blue (shown) or princess pink and ships for free from Traveling With Kids.

Christine KohComment