Boost From the Bottom


If your babe is old enough to sit at the dining table sans safety straps, check out this clever chair booster. Kaboost allows kids to sit in a real chair with the rest of the family via a boost from the bottom. The spring-loaded attachments fit most four-legged chairs and stay gripped when you lift the chair; otherwise, the chair stays put via rubberized feet. You can change the chair height depending on which direction you flip the attachment.
Laurel has the groovy green Kaboost (shown; also available in chocolate and natural). Initially, I was concerned that even at the lower of the two height settings the chair would be too high for her to handle independently, but she was able to monkey right up, and the rubberized feet offered better stability for climbing up than the pre-existing felt padded feet. I can't guarantee this for everyone, but apparently Laurel was so comfortable up on her chair yesterday that she worked on art projects for a mind-blowing two hours.

The Kaboost attachment is suitable for kids 20 months – 6 years. Technically, it’s portable in the sense that the legs fold down and it isn’t that heavy, but it doesn’t feature a wrap around strap/handle or tote and it isn’t the sort of item you would toss in a diaper bag. We’re just as happy to leave it securely attached at home where it gets plenty of use.

Christine Koh1 Comment