To Market, To Market


For a fun outing with the kids, some quiet time on your own, or an alternative to the typical coffee break at work, consider this idea from Sharon:

“Summer brings an array of beautiful fruits and vegetables. If you lack yard space or the time to garden, but want to involve kids in the process of appreciating and picking their own produce, try visiting a local farmers’ market [click here for MA listings]. You don’t need to travel far or deal with unmanageable hoards waiting for a hayride. All you need is an appreciation for being outdoors and the feet to walk from one kiosk to another to see what hand picked items are available that day. I went to one of these markets last week and was pleasantly surprised to see fresh seafood, homemade cheeses, and craft items being sold alongside produce, beautiful wildflower bouquets, and potted herbs. Shopping these markets supports local farmers and impacts the environment by reducing the use of fuel required to ship items from far away.”
Editor’s Note: Sharon took Laurel to a farmers’ market over the weekend and Laurel went crazy over the strawberries. As Sara Cabot wrote earlier, local strawberries are smaller and sweeter; stunningly different than commercial produce.