It's A Big World


My violin calluses may be long gone, but music remains a big part of our household via Jon’s guitar, Laurel’s singing, and our music collection. One challenge, though, has been finding enough music that the adults are able to enjoy, while being suitable for (unbelievably attentive) preschooler ears. We've been lucky that Laurel digs the (less trippy) likes of the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Paul Simon (she sings along with Jon’s accompaniment), and a recent addition that fits a good, mellow niche is Renee & Jeremy’s It's A Big World.
Part of the kid-friendly-music-that-won’t-drive-parents-bonkers revolution, this album (created by musicians/parents Renee Stahl and Jeremy Toback) includes songs that are simple in their predominant use of vocals and guitar, but structurally far more complex than basic kids tunes. Generally, the album has an intimate, lilting, and soothing feel, although towards the middle of the CD the tracks pick up the pace for good contrast. All songs - save a gentle, pretty cover of Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” - are original.