Spa Goodness


After finishing grad school, Jon and I did something fit for the truly crazy and devoted; we moved back to our beloved, exorbitant city without jobs. And as we pushed interviews and grant applications along, we played cribbage, pursued creative endeavors, drank a lot of coffee, and tried not to panic. One artistic by-product from this time is a self-portrait I made during an oil painting class; it appears to be a wishful, creamy-complexioned salute to the days before I obliviously “rotisserized” (my friend Braden’s term for sunbathing) and set off a spray of freckles across my face. These freckles may look kind of cute, but they’re officially sun damage.
I’ve since become the house skin care watchdog, and thus was interested to learn about a nifty way for Boston women to do some good for themselves and others simultaneously. SkinHealth (at Newbury Street and in Wellesley Hills; owner Cheryl Clarkson lost her sister to skin cancer) has discounted two of their popular spa services when you buy them through getsugar. Purchase an anti-oxidant facial ($48; normally $85), light chemical peel ($70; normally $125), or both ($110; normally $210); $25 from the facial/peel or $50 from the joint service will be donated to the MGH Cancer Center in Boston.