Skin MD Natural


Unless you (generously) count goldfish crackers and wipes, it’s unusual to find much in the diaper bag that truly serves mom and babe well. So we love that Skin MD Natural shielding lotion offers a multitasking means to reduce the load in your tote and take care of your and your kid’s skin.

Great for every day (and proving especially handy during our recent vacation), Skin MD's shielding formula enhances the skin’s natural abilities to lock in moisture and repel irritants (vs. simply temporarily alleviating dry skin). Suitable for face, hands, and body, testers here at Boston Mamas found the lotion refreshingly light and quick absorbing. And personally, as a typical mom lacking in leisurely morning shower and moisturizing time, and as the parent of a kid who has been prone to itching and scratching from day one, I’ve been thrilled to find that this natural lotion is effective yet gentle enough for both of us to use; I only need to tote one bottle, and soothing Laurel’s itches reminds me to tend to my own skin. Available at Amazon and Skin MD Natural, a little lotion goes a long way; the 4 oz bottle ($25) is good for 1-2 months with daily use.