Hot Mama Ink


Ironically enough, my wild and crazy college student behavior emerged after finishing undergrad (suspiciously correlated with my meeting Jon, still an undergrad at the time…), complete with the requisite tattoo/belly ring ruminations. And while visiting a dingy Boston piercing parlor promptly scared me out of the idea, now it’s possible to make a rocker chic impression (that’s physically impermanent) through the designs of Hot Mama Ink.

Hot Mama Ink fuses rock and roll style with delicious, delicious comfort (you can never have enough machine washable clothing as a mom…). Their tattoo inspired, motherhood celebrating artwork is screen printed onto soft tanks, hoodies, tees, yoga pants/capris (including maternity), and baby slings. A great pick is the aptly named Fierce Love long sleeve tee (shown; $68), a cozy, sexy, and stylish way to proudly wear motherhood on your sleeve.