Grip As You Tip


Hot yoga is all the rage these days, and the practice’s popularity often leads to steamy, crowded classes where balance is essential to prevent yogi dominoes. Today, guest contributor Sharon (who currently is rocking a 40 day yoga challenge) shares a product that keeps her practice styling and slip free:

“I recently learned of an item that helps create a safer environment for yoga practice. Essential while doing wheels, inversions, or any posture that compromises balance and safety on a regular yoga or fitness mat, the Yogitoes Skidless Yoga Towel provides traction and grip as you tip. Place the towel over your regular yoga mat; the face up side is absorptive while the face down side features silicone nubs that grip the mat, keeping hands and feet in place even when the sweat starts to flow (a little sprinkle of water on the absorptive side pre-session also helps get the traction going). Now you can meditate and breathe into the burn of a pose rather than worry whether your wheel is going to be a back flop, or if your headstand is going to land you in the hospital (or atop a neighboring yogi).
Mats are vibrantly colored and packaged in an eco-friendly manner of less is more. Yogitoes has an altruistic base of fundraising for cancer awareness and also uses earth-friendly and sustainable materials. Namaste!"

Editor’s Note: As seen in the picture, despite the silicone nub side, this mat indeed folds down compactly like a regular towel, making it especially convenient for travel or commuting if your studio offers mats for free use or for rent.