No More Crusty Cuffs!


I’m thrilled to formally introduce Kate, who essentially has served as a guest contributor by virtue of the number of tips she has shared with us! In her debut guest post, Kate passes on word about a terrific dual function bib that no doubt will save you countless hours wrestling with stain removal. Welcome, Kate!

“My daughter was a big drooler as an infant, and we developed quite a collection of cloth bibs in her early months. As she got older and progressed to eating solid food, we quickly learned that the cute cloth styles weren't going to cut it. We needed full coverage, preferably in an easily washable material. My sister-in-law turned me on to the perfect solution: long-sleeved bibs. Gone are the days of crusty cuffs and collars coated in veggies! Surprisingly hard to find, we've been particularly happy with the full coverage, easy to clean Best Bib from I Play, which can also double as an art smock.” (Available at in girl and boy styles; $13.99 per 2pk.)