The Power of Peas


And now, pursuant to our announcement about our impending regular guest contributors, here is Sara Cabot, with a feature on the power of peas (including recipes for babies up to adults!). Welcome, Sara!

“Early spring is a funny time for produce. The stored winter apples, squashes, and root vegetables are over and we find ourselves waiting impatiently for the first fruits and vegetables of summer.

In this ‘betwixt and between’ time, frozen fruits and veggies are always an option. They are easy to store and use; they are picked and frozen at source so are sometimes actually fresher than ‘fresh’ produce which may have sat around in a warehouse for weeks; they are reasonably priced too.
Frozen peas are a great vegetable to give to your kids as they are nutritionally dense (some people call them a ‘super food’), and children tend to like them as they are sweet and fun to play with. Green peas are also bursting with nutrients as they provide good amounts of 8 vitamins, 7 minerals, dietary fiber and protein..." [Click here for the remainder of the article (in PDF printable format), including tips on how to prepare peas for babies, and recipes for Pea Soup and Pea Risotto.]