Potty Peace of Mind


With a potty-trained peanut on my hands, public restrooms are both a blessing and a curse. I’m grateful for their existence but freaked by the potential germ factor. Not to mention that our current system – I lay a (wishfully hygienic) layer of tissue on the seat, squat in front of Laurel so she can plant her feet on my thighs, and wrap my arms around her waist so she doesn’t fall into the hole – is utterly uncomfortable.

None of these issues seem to bother Laurel, but in anticipation of our travel this past weekend (i.e., exponential increase in the need to use public restrooms), I ordered One Step Ahead’s Folding Potty Seat and it was a huge success. This seat is remarkably compact folded, and unfolds to provide a sturdy, secure potty seat. The seat also has handles so your kid can hold onto those instead of the toilet itself. This travel potty, which provided me with sanitary peace of mind and Laurel with a comfortable place to go potty, is a steal at $12.95.