Bend It Like Becks


One of my favorite signs of spring is “amoeba soccer,” the sight of a clump of little kids chasing a soccer ball with a spirited oblivion to the fine art of positioning and passing.

Clumping or not, budding enthusiasts, serious players, or parents in need of a means to move to a beat beyond “Get me more Cheerios, Mommy” ought to check out FoldFastGoals. These goals are handy for home use (particularly as the parks get overrun in the spring and summer) and stow conveniently in the off-season. Assembly is easy; just fit the six goal pieces together, place seven screws, and attach the netting. Once the goal is assembled, folding or opening the goal literally takes seconds, which means less time struggling with equipment and more time bending it like Becks.

Boston Mamas readers can enjoy a 10% discount using checkout code 109070001 at FoldFastGoals; the soccer, lacrosse, and hockey goals also are available at Amazon.

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