Clever Magnetic Childproofing


Our friends Andrew & Nooshi always have the coolest gadgets, so it’s no surprise that they introduced us to an amazingly innovative childproofing system.

The Rev-A-Shelf Rev-A-Lock system ($29.95 at; includes 5 locks, 2 keys, installation screws, and instructions) is the perfect solution for cabinets (or drawers) with standalone handles (i.e., adjacent handle loop latches won’t work). This lock system is based on a powerful magnet; it’s impossible to open doors or drawers even a crack when the system is engaged, preventing pinched little fingers. The lock disengages when the magnetic key is positioned over the lock installation area, and snaps back into the locked position when the key is removed. Once the lock system is no longer needed, just flip the red disengage bar on the back of the lock.

Christine KohComment