Strollers for Multiples


Need a stroller for multiples? Heather has done your research for you!

"Shopping for a stroller when I was pregnant with my first child was fun. There were so many options in a variety of colors and styles. Purchasing a stroller for our triplets was a completely different experience. The very first challenge we faced was that triplet strollers are not sold in most stores. They must be ordered online; touching, feeling, and testing were not an option. I soon found that there is no such thing as a 'chic' triple stroller and focused on finding one that was safe, easy to push, comfortable, easily collapsible, and fit in the back of our minivan and through standard doors. After much research, I acquiesced that no such triple stroller exists and now find myself the proud owner of 3 triple strollers.
The first stroller we purchased was the Triple Decker by Double Decker Stroller. This tandem stroller compares to the 'Snap N Go' for three (twin model also available). It is lightweight, compatible with many infant carrier models, and super easy to collapse and travel with. Unfortunately, at 8 months my babies have just about outgrown their infant carriers so this stroller will no longer work for us. Toddler seats are available for this model, but we opted not to purchase them as they don't recline and there is no sun canopy. But I give the Triple Decker my highest recommendation as a first triple stroller.

The second stroller we purchased is the Runabout by Berg Design. This is a wonderful tandem style stroller and is available with 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 seats. It is safe, sturdy, and fairly easy to push. I find it a bit heavy to push on long walks but love it for short walks or for indoor use. I have found that if you push down the handle bar, remove the back seat, and are very strong you can put it in the back of a minivan. A car hitch is also available. I also highly recommend this stroller.

The most recent, and hopefully the last triple stroller purchase we will have to make, is a triple jogger by Mountain Buggy (shown). This jogger is a dream to push and the children love sitting next to one another. If it would fit through a standard doorway I would have no need for any other stroller. I give this my highest recommendation!

There are other triple stroller options available for families with different requirements. Check out Peg Perego, Baby Trend, The Trio, Baby Jogger Q, and Inglesina.

Lastly, you will quickly learn that strollers for multiples are very pricey. If you are unable to purchase new, I have found that there are great secondhand ones available on eBay, Craigslist, Children's Orchard, and Kid to Kid for a fraction of the cost."

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