Something Borrowed


As promised in an earlier feature on The Handbag, here’s the first of a series of posts on fabulous luxe and low budget bag solutions. Kate starts us off with a review of the service Bag Borrow or Steal:
“At the age of thirty-four, I have come to the conclusion that the perfect handbag may not exist. I fall in love with new ones on a fairly regular basis, only to discover that the handles aren't quite long enough, the pockets aren't in the right place, the fabric gets dirty really easily, or there's no easily accessible spot in which to tuck my Ipod and BlackBerry. Ever the romantic, I've spent more money than I care to count to experiment with new styles and brands, developing in the process a collection large enough to cause remark among those who visit my home, but have yet to find exactly the right bag. And though I've enjoyed the quest, I'm now trying a different tact. Bag Borrow or Steal makes a wide variety of handbags - different styles, designers, vintages, and tastes - available for 'rent' without time limit and at affordable rates. Handbag lovers can either become members of the site - membership ranges from $5.00-$9.00 per month - or borrow on their own, paying different weekly or monthly rental rates based on their membership status and the type of bag they select. Bags arrive by UPS and are lovingly wrapped - many come in their original packaging - each with a note reminding the borrower to treat it as if it were a loaner from a close friend. My first bag - a brightly colored Coach tote - has so far not proven to be the bag of my dreams, but is stylish and useful and perfect for the season. And I'm already looking forward to picking out my next one - this time without adding to the collection in my foyer.”

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