Magnet Safety


Pursuant to my recent post on the Goobi magnetic construction toy, I’ve had some inquiries re: recalls such as that of Magnetix (shown; Magnetix pieces with loose parts, also see CPSC notice and NYT article). After hunting around online, I didn’t find recall information related to Goobi products and also was happy to see a report that, following the problems at Magnetix, Goobi underwent testing sessions to try to dislodge their magnet rods from the plastic casings to no avail. I also checked the plastic casings on our set and the inner magnets are firmly set.
We’ve been past the everything-in-the-mouth phase for some time now with Laurel, but, as with all toys with little parts, keep them out of reach of little ones, supervise use and/or talk to older kids about safety issues, and periodically check your products for loose parts.