We (Heart) Playmobil


One of the joys of kids growing more dexterous is that it enables them to engage in countless hours of imaginative play via toy sets such as Playmobil, beloved by Tracy’s family:

“The recent spate of toy recalls has left me sort of amazed that we have not had to return a single toy. This is partially due to our families and friends understanding our desire for toys made of wood or other natural materials. Another reason though, is that we have encouraged Gabriel’s interest in Playmobil.
Initially, I was hesitant about Playmobil since these sets are made of molded plastic pieces. However, they are consistently among the top toy choices in parent rated awards. Both of our boys are now old enough to enjoy playing with these toys; to date we own 4 full sets and myriad other small sets of little figures and accessories (the parts are small, suitable for the 4+ crowd). Our boys enjoy collecting, setting up, and playing with these sets, and each set often interacts well with others to foster lots more imaginative play.

In the last few years, Playmobil has introduced their 1.2.3 line of toys for infants and toddlers (shown; Playmobil 1.2.3 Family House). These small sets include the recognizable Playmobil figures, with no removable parts, and larger chunky accessories that reduce the risk of choking. We have a couple of these sets too, and the boys still play with them when they need them to fulfill a certain role.

While many other parents have mentioned that these sets are costly, we feel that these are quality toys that will last a long time, and grow with the boys. My aunt and uncle, also parents of two boys (now grown and gone) still have their Playmobil sets, stashed away for future grandchildren! We are appreciative now that we splurged a little more; it seems like this has helped us save on toy recall anxiety and headache.

Whether your child’s penchant is for knight’s castles, fairy tales, fire trucks, doll houses, dinosaurs, or tractors, there is something in Playmobil for everyone.”

Editor’s Note: Laurel has recently discovered Playmobil through our neighbor (a former preschool teacher and early childhood expert); she’s crazy about the farm set (the barn functions as a convenient carry case; Playmobil offers several other “take along” carry case models) and the urban flower shop.