The Power of Kombucha


Next time you’re browsing the beverage aisle, consider this mojo-laden beverage, recommended by Sharon:

“What’s fizzy, savory, and sweet at the same time, has a pungent smell, yet is totally addictive? It’s Kombucha, a Chinese tea that is left to stew for 30 days to get its mojo running (time helps the tea cultivate active enzymes). This drink dates back to ancient Chinese culture, and also has been imbibed by Russian czars and yogis; the drink aids digestion and metabolism via ginger, fruits, and minerals, and provides antioxidants to support the body’s fight against cancerous agents. The Multi-Green – one of my favorites - contains Spirulina and Blue-algae, which promote cell integrity and are used in anti-aging remedies.
While Kombucha can be made at home, the hassle of the process (a certain degree of sterility is required to prepare the drink correctly) far exceeds the $2.99 you pay for each two-serving bottle. Kombucha is low in calories, high in taste, Vegan, and one of my favorite beverages to splurge on. Enjoy!"

Available at Whole Foods and many other small and large markets. Click here for locations.

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